Nicholas Hatch, St Dominic’s Centre Mayfield

St Dominic’s is fortunate to be able to have unique relationships with families, allowing staff and families to work together as the best team to supporting children. One such student is Nicholas Hatch, and we would like to share his story and celebrating his achievements.

Nicholas Hatch commenced his schooling at St Dominic’s Centre Mayfield in 2019 when he joined the Primary class in Year 5. From the outset, Nicholas contributed to the school community with enormous amounts of dedication and effort. Nicholas has shared his interest in horse riding, the evening news, weather reports, and his love of animals.

Since moving into Year 7 Nick has enjoyed weekly gym sessions (pre-covid) and improved his gross and fine motor skills. During weekly shopping visits, Nick demonstrated independence and confidence in the community. These are many goals that Nicholas and his family have collaborated with the staff at St Dominic’s to focus on.

Nick takes a lead role during his daily living tasks around the school, and with each job he is assigned to, he completes with the utmost care and attention. Nicholas will also work with his teachers to delegate jobs to other peers whom he feels would be capable to complete the task. Nick is involved in preparing and distributing fruit for the school's morning fruit break and assists in delivering the fruit containers to each classroom. Nick is responsible for collecting the bins, watering plants and will assist in keeping the playground neat and tidy. Nicholas and his family have set personal goals around communication, making an effort to have a conversation with peers or teachers daily. He asks questions and is working on waiting for a response.

Nick will assist his peers to achieve in their school life, he takes pride in helping his peers in following school procedures. He is demonstrating leadership in his interactions with his peers. He has genuine care and compassion for all the students at St Dominic’s. Nick is also the staff’s second set of eyes, regularly alerting to potential situations that can often occur amidst a busy school playground. 

In class, Nick is focused and diligent in completing his work. His passion for reading and writing is inspiring to see, and he shares these skills willingly when working on tasks with his classmates. 

School staff cannot thank Nick enough for all that he does for St Dominic’s, and as such he was commended by receiving two awards during the St Dominic’s 2021 End of Year Awards Ceremony.  

THE Tim Crakanthorp COMMUNITY and SOCIAL JUSTICE AWARD, which is awarded to a student who has demonstrated resilience and a strong will and focus, in addition to a dedicated spirit in communication, learning, and social interaction at St Dominic’s. This student continually strives to do their best while being aware of the needs of others. 

The Christian Leadership Award is for a student whose actions and attitude contribute to the Christian community of St Dominic’s. This student has demonstrated this through their involvement in liturgies and prayer as well as the kindness and friendship they show to their friends.  

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