Sharing HOPE with our community!

In the face of Stage 4 Lockdowns, we are encouraging our school communities to take part in a HOPE-filled initiative, designed to foster a sense of community across the Diocese.


This week we are encouraging individuals and families to renew their sense of HOPE by inviting families to create a poster with the word HOPE and place it in your front yard or front window.

In doing so, you will be taking part in an initiative that’s happening in communities across the Diocese. It’s also a fun activity for children while learning from home and one that we hope will inspire many in the community as they go about their exercise. 

If you do wish to take part, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a poster with the word HOPE. Lots of colour, particularly yellow (as it is the colour of hope). 
  2. Place the poster in your front window/ front yard.
  3. If you are happy for your child’s photo to be published in an online gallery which showcases children from across the region with their signs of HOPE, please email and include;
  • A copy of the photo
  • Your child’s name (first name only will be published)
  • The school your child attends including the location e.g. St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree

The gallery will be online now and available for viewing at GALLERY OF HOPE | Maitland-Newcastle Catholic News ( 

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