Adopt a knight - Tyson Frizell and Mitch Barnett

Year 4 and Year 6 students at St Columba’s Adamstown recently received a visit from their two Adopt a Knights players. Tyson Frizell and Mitch Barnett engaged in classroom activities during the literacy block and assisted teachers with running the activities.

The Adopt a Knight program gives participating schools the opportunity for their ‘adopted’ Knight to deliver presentations and run activities, either in the classroom, at school events or during school assemblies.

Year 4 were challenged to a spelling quiz whilst Year 6 got to design a Knights logo for 2022.

The Knights players showed us how clever and creative they are – not just talented footy stars!

Here are some of the responses from the Year 4 and Year 6 students.

We got to do a spelling test with them, they were really funny! The best part was I got to see some players from my favourite team. Hunter, Year 4.

I liked how they played fun games with us and made-up the spelling quiz fun. Milly, Year 4.

I really liked playing Hangman and them giving us a spelling quiz. Hector, Year 4.

I liked the sentences and examples they came up with in our spelling quiz. It was so much fun. Lexi, Year 4When we saw the Knights, we all stood in shock and excitement. Really? It was Mitch Barnett and Tyson Frizzel! We designed our own logo for the Knights! The activity was fun and we each got to use our imagination. Isla, Year 6
Tyson Frizell and Mitchel Barnett came into our class and talked about their career, and how they got there, it was really inspiring. Oscar, Year 6

It was SO much fun! Having Mitch and Tyson in our classroom was a lot of fun and I hope they come back soon! Mayan, Year 6

We are so lucky that Mitch and Tyson came to our school it was awesome that we had the chance. We had a fun Q & A with the two stars and tried to design a new jersey. Maybe we should leave the designing to the pros however. Tommy, Year 6

St Columba’s are looking forward to their next visit in Term 3!


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