SJV feasts on point of difference

 St John Vianney Primary School, Morisset, opted for a different approach to commemorating its patron saint this year.

We joined together on Tuesday 4 August in a special prayer service, which was led by Year 3 students. During this time, students reflected on the life of St John Vianney and how he was chosen to protect and guide the people in our school.

Students had the opportunity to consider how St John Vianney was called by Jesus, and then gave so much to the people in his community. They then had an opportunity to think about a time when they had tried to do something and struggled.

After our prayer service, students rotated around the school participating in fun activities.

At our school, we continually look to St John Vianney and know that his faith and belief in Jesus helped him. When we are having trouble, we know we can turn to Jesus and this allows us to get through anything.

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