Mission accomplished in uniform style

Students and staff at St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen, celebrated Wellbeing Week (22–26 June) with daily additions to their uniforms.  

On the Monday, they wore beanies, caps and headwear to focus on cognitive heath and the major changes occurring in the brain during adolescence 

Gratitude glasses, goggles and gloves were added on Tuesday. Pastoral Care classes explored the effect gratitude and expressing it has on wellbeing.  

Students took the time to either create a short video, make a poster, or write a card to say thank you to our wonderful staff who go above and beyond for our school. It has been encouraging to see so many students reflecting upon others’ efforts, particularly during the past 14 weeks or so. 

“focus on footwear” was the theme for Wednesday, and some bright and creative “shoes” complemented the uniform. Students learnt about staying grounded and the role mindfulness plays in our busy world. They were surprised to learn about LA Lakers basketball coach Phil Jackson implementing rigid mindfulness practices as part of the team’s training program. 

Thursday really tested Mr Holstein (principal) and Mrs Taylor (English) as students added their favourite hoodie to their sports uniform. Hoodies for health” day investigated the role sleep, nutrition and physical activity have on our wellbeing. Upon reflection, many students admitted to eating too much processed foods, not getting enough exercise, and not having enough sleep. This is certainly something we all need to work on. 

Friday was celebrated with a complete out-of-uniform day, and a whole-school “wellbeing cahoot. 

While COVID restrictions did put a dampener on whole-school recess and lunchtime activities, there was a significant buzz around St Joseph’s for the week. The goal for the week was to boost positive emotions, and learn something new about the science of wellbeing, and we definitely accomplished that. Thank you to all our wonderful students, staff and parents who continue to support wellbeing at St Joseph’s, Aberdeen. 

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