School leaders take worries away

Just as St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham prepared to celebrate St Joseph’s Day, COVID-19 thwarted the plans and hard work setting up for our special Feast Day. Our community was sent into a new way of living and a new way of education. 

The students at St Joseph’s were excited to return to school during Term 2 and our life in class returned to almost normal. The children have been through so much in the past 12 months with bushfires, drought and now COVID-19, so it was important to us as a school community to celebrate that we are happy, healthy and loved by God.

Year 6 wanted to run the fun afternoon they had originally planned for St Joseph’s Day as a way to celebrate our school community coming back together and so we held an end-of-term fun and fundraising afternoon.

Student leaders orchestrated many activities during the afternoon including a photo booth, donut and jelly eating contests, face painting, musical chairs, gladiator, frisbee and hoops, knocking over cans, lucky number and lolly guessing. Many prizes were given out and there were many smiles to be seen around the school.

The Year 6 students enjoyed their opportunity to demonstrate leadership within the school and for just a little while everyone was able to forget their worries and just have some fun.

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