Rejuvenated spaces welcome children

St Brigid’s Primary School, Raymond Terrace, substituted holidays for gardening and transformed some of the playground to new garden spaces for the children to enjoy.

Barren areas where grass wouldn't grow because of the trees is now a creative landscape.

I designed the new spaces, but the transformation would not have been possible without the assistance over the holidays of one of our dads, Bryan from Bazza's Property Maintenance. He enabled me to execute the design. We worked together and the garden evolved as we went. I should mention none of the garden plans are original. I spent hours and hours on Pinterest.

Some of the highlights include our new yarning circle, a dry creek bed, a glockenspiel in the trees, and a winding river path to lead students to quiet spaces within the garden. We have included two noughts and crosses game boards as well as a fairy garden, and dinosaur garden. The new spaces will hopefully be “pockets” initiating passive, natural play among our students.

Certainly, the students were excited when they returned to school for Term 3 and started exploring the new gardens. The spaces are already being very well patronised, and a new sandstone wall provides a beautiful place to eat lunch and catch up with friends.

In coming weeks, we anticipate forming a group of environmental warriors to help look after our new gardens and to educate all our students in stewardship and connecting with country.

To find out more about St Brigid's Primary School, Raymond Terrace, head to our website.

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