PJs way to go at St Joseph’s, Merriwa

Wellbeing Week is an opportunity for students in schools across the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle to express themselves and explore different strategies for improving wellbeing, all while enjoying school as a place of community.

St Joseph’s Primary School, Merriwa recently held a “pyjama day in celebration of Wellbeing Week, with teachers, students and support staff all taking part in the fun. 

Included in the celebrations was a dancing and music instrument session, where students could choose any instrument and just play it for fun; bingo with teachers, which combined quick skills in maths with a fun, engaging way to relax; and STEM experiences, purchased with the assistance of All Saints College, Maitland, which generously donated its Woolworths Earn and Learn points to St Joseph’s. 

Principal Ashley Borg says students, in general, love Wellbeing Week and so do the teachers and ancillary staff. 

They work hard to continually improve the educational outcomes for students in their care, but as we know, Catholic schools are about more than just the educational; they are places of spiritual, social, physical and emotional nurturing,” Mr Borg said. 

St Joseph’s, Merriwa strives, daily, to ensure that all facets of a child’s educational and developmental journey are met, and Wellbeing Week complements this perfectly. 

Year 5 and 6 students learnt about being “stewards of creation and of the environment during their Religion lessonsThis discussed the multitude of plastics generated every day by the school.  

In response, students requested to have a “nude food day on the Tuesday of Wellbeing Week, which involved them and staff bringing unpackaged food to school in an effort to decrease the production of waste.  

This generated a positive response, with only 10 pieces of rubbish placed in the school’s bins throughout the entire day. 

We are always thinking of new, exciting and engaging activities for our students to engage in activities to enhance their wellbeing,” said St Joseph’s teacher Naomi Rodwell 

As a result of the recent difficult and unprecedented times, our students have not been able to experience many of the fun and exciting events planned for this year. 

I thought holding a pyjama day would not only be an exciting event we can safely hold at school, but also a great initiative for improving the overall wellbeing of our students. 

Pyjamas are a wonderful symbol of wellbeing because they give the feeling of comfort and cosy contentment. 


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Alexander Foster

Alexander Foster is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle