WEST is best at St Columba’s

As part of the home-learning program at St Columba's Primary School, Adamstown, Year 6 students were asked to create a presentation that teaches the meaning of WESTie and its importance to the school. 

“We are a Making Jesus Real (MJR) school and we focus on the importance of Welcoming, Encouraging, Saying Sorry and Thank you,” said St Columba’s teacher Kate Buchanan Willis.

“It is a culture we are building that the way we greet, treat and speak to others is important. We work through the WEST acronym at the start and end of every year and reinforce with our students the positive impact this has on others.”

Throughout the year, St Columba’s also focuses on other MJR sayings such as “be a winner and a grinner not a moaner and a groaner”, “teamwork makes the dream work”, “never give up”, and “be a happy chappy”.

“At home, Year 6 was given the task of creating a presentation in any form they wished to teach new students or parents to our school what a WESTie is and why it is important at St Columba's,” said Ms Buchanan Willis

Some of the submissions can be viewed in the video below.

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