Easter bunny comes to St Patrick's

On Thursday 9 April, the staff of St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea decided to give students a special Easter treat.

With COVID-19 keeping all of our students away from school, a convoy of staff members’ cars weaved their way through the streets from Caves Beach to Catherine Hill Bay, from Swansea to Belmont, and everywhere in between.

The children waited with their families on their driveways and front lawns to wave at the teachers and support staff as they drove by, and to catch Easter eggs that were thrown onto the front lawns. The staff and children are missing each other, and this was a wonderful way for us to stay connected with one another at this difficult time.

Our thanks to our school secretary, Bronwyn Sartori, who organised our Easter egg convoy. Our thanks also to the Moncrieff family (#thelocalyolk) who returned the favour with some fresh eggs for each driver.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter from St Patrick's Swansea.

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