True colours of St Joseph’s Kilaben Bay

During these uncertain times, it is important to maintain community spirit and build hope for the future of education.

Originating in northern Italy, a message that has spread hope across the country is "Everything will be fine. The rainbow will win." Messages and symbols of rainbows have gone viral across the country in an attempt to boost morale and instil faith and optimism in the hearts of all.

The staff of St Joseph’s Primary School, Kilaben Bay, have shown their support by singing Cyndi Lauper’s song True Colours using Zoom. Working from home, each staff member from the school scheduled a Zoom meeting to perform the song for their community.

“We as educators realise children express their thoughts,” said Principal Charlene Reid. “To educate means building together identity, belonging, future and hope.

“For this reason, schools in an educating community play a primary role in recognising children not only as citizens of a community but also citizens of the world. The coronavirus will be defeated. The rainbow will win.”

In a true sense of community, St Joseph’s Primary School really let its true colours shine through.

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Gabrielle Sutherland

Gabrielle Sutherland is a Marketing & Communications Officer for the Catholic Schools Office and a regular contributor to and Aurora.