There’s a hero in us all

Corpus Christi Primary School, Waratah was filled with superheroes on Friday 7 February when the school launched its wellbeing framework.

Principal Julie Mulhearn had looked at different wellbeing programs and wanted to ensure Corpus Christi’s had a Catholic lens. The school combined the Making Jesus Real program with others to create a new framework.

“Wellbeing is all about getting students ready to learn,” said Mrs Mulhearn. “Wellbeing for learning, wellbeing for life. Each week we’ll focus on a different area in our framework and give out awards according to that area.”

To launch the new framework, a day was planned with games and dress-ups. Although having to change the schedule slightly due to welcome rain, games were played, photos were green-screened, and all the students dressed up to show their inner superhero. 

Making Jesus Real speaks about ways in which each student can be a superhero. “What is it that makes you who you are? What do others think of you? What are your good qualities, your gifts and talents? Sometimes we need to search for the hero inside us all. This doesn’t mean that we start to wear our undies outside our clothes or jump off the roof in the hope of flying! It just means that God gave us gifts and talents and we need to look inside ourselves to find them.

“Realising the gifts and talents that God has given us is what ‘search for the hero’ is all about. It is important to remember that we can all be heroes. After all, Jesus left us with the message that we can be heroes to others if we show love and compassion.”

Some of Corpus Christi’s superheros were Mustard Boy, Ketchup Boy, and Water Boy, with each letter of their name revealing their superpowers.

When Mrs Mulhearn put on her cape, she became Captain Community. Her inner hero was ready to unite the school in community and fun.

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Brooke Robinson

Brooke is Content Officer for the Communications Team in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle