KINDY STARTERS 2020: Swansea

On Thursday 30 January, a happy group of Kindergarten students started their very first day of big school at St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea.

With only a few tears shed at the start, most of the students looked like they had been at the school for years as they happily played with their Year 5 ‘buddies’, who showed them around their school and their classroom and eased them in to ‘big school’ life.

Whilst the new students happily played dress-ups, read books and became familiar with their new surroundings, the parents and carers of the kindergarten class were invited to a special morning tea with the principal, Peter Green, in the new playground space which was completed during the recent school holidays.

Given the parents will share a special bond as their children go through primary school together, the morning tea was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and be comforted by the knowledge that their children were settling in just fine.

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