No dramas in that space

All the world’s a stage when you’re collaborating with fellow students and teachers.

All Saints’ College, St Mary's Campus, Maitland recently opened the doors to a student learning hub. The space was for a long time the campus drama room, but it was outdated, worn and underused.

In comparison, the hub is now a modern learning environment designed to allow students and teachers to have an area that promotes collaboration.

“It is still a space that can be used for drama and other student performances,” said St Mary's Head of Campus, Marc Romano. “Now it is a room that is used all day by students and teachers in a comfortable, professional setting.”

Certainly, the St Mary’s Campus students appreciate the transformation from what was once a dark, old hall into a light-filled, self-directed learning environment that encourages collaboration.

Year 12 student Ben Foster says he uses the space a lot.

“There are times the class needs more space to collaborate,” said Ben. “I spend a lot of time on English for example, and if we have to break up into groups for creative writing, we can go into the hub and then into a corner of the hub and discuss things without disrupting others or being disrupted.

“What the school has done is definitely worth it, and it was all done quickly as well. It’s so much better in comparison to the hall we used in the past.”

 The hub is open to students from 7.30am until 6pm on weekdays, including Wednesday when no classes are scheduled. Its modern features include dimmer and multi-coloured stage lighting, television screens, flexible furniture options and charging outlets throughout.

No dramas when you can charge your phone and discuss your assignments.

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