St Columban’s Feast Day

The community of St Columban’s Primary School, Mayfield on Friday 22 November proudly celebrated the feast of the saint after which their primary school is named.

Coming together as a whole with Fr Joseph in worship to praise Columban’s actions, the members of the school community who go above and beyond were also acknowledged for making the primary school such a wonderful and welcoming place.

Columban was born in Ireland in 540 and died in Bobbio, Italy. In about 590, Columban and 12 other monks ventured to mainland Europe as missionaries and travelled through France, Switzerland and Italy establishing monasteries of Christianity, education and prayer.

During his missionary work, Columban became vocal, speaking out against the ruling dynasties for their wrong doings of which he strongly disapproved. Columban was exiled from France and sent back to Ireland. He was shipwrecked during his trip home and ended up in Italy where he stayed until he passed on November 23, 615.

The Mass at St Columban’s Primary celebrated parents and students of the school community who have shown the spirit of St Columban. These people have shared their gifts to help others in many ways from lending a helping hand in class, helping younger students to read, chatting to others when they felt lonely, or helping to raise money for resources.

Fr Joseph also invited parents and staff to give the students a special blessing. The school community is very proud of all the members who make St Columban’s such a wonderful place.

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