Touching the hearts of nursing home residents

Year 5 students from Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Tarro, recently visited residents at St Joseph’s Nursing Home and performed a beautiful musical number to entertain the residents.  

Students definitely touched the hearts of the residents who sang along, tapped their feet, clapped to the music and danced in their chairs.

The students also made cards to give out to the residents and had the opportunity to talk with the senior citizens, which results in a lot of chatting and laughter.

Since returning to school, the nursing-home staff reported that all the residents thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and they could not stop speaking about it while they enjoyed sharing their cards with one another.

Some comments from the Year 5 students on their visit to the nursing home include:

“I think we should go to the nursing home next year because it is a wonderful experience but mainly because we get to see ourselves brighten up their day.”

“All of them were delighted to see us and the best part was talking to them.”

“Today was one of the best experiences of my life.”

“I enjoyed going there because I liked putting a smile on their faces. Also, I am quite surprised that most of them knew the songs.”

“I gave my card to a lady named Meg, she was beautiful and had so much to tell me. One of the things she said was ‘Enjoy life and school before you get too old like me’.”

“I believe that we should go every year to see their reaction and see how they’re going. I enjoyed their reactions to all the songs.”

A big thankyou to Mrs Lisa Sansom for co-ordinating the music and teaching the students nine songs within a few weeks, and Mrs Samantha Hiller for supporting the visit and organising the day.

The Year 5 students are to be commended for the way they represented OLOL.

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