Colour my world

Zooper Doopers all round was an appropriate colourful finish to an exciting day in the lab for the 24 St Nicholas, Lochinvar pre-schoolers who visited the neighbouring St Joseph’s College for a “science experience”.

St Joseph’s science teacher Jess Brunton organised the hour-long event on November 6 to support the STEM program at St Nick’s. The catalyst was an ulterior motive. Ms Brunton’s eldest son Christopher is part of the preschool room at St Nick’s.

In fact, five St Joseph’s staff members have children at St Nick’s, and the early education centre’s director Elisa Edmonds is married to a college staff member. 

The pre-schoolers were met at the St Joseph’s front gate and participated in a short acknowledgement of country.

The hi-viz-clad youngsters replete with safety glasses provided a wonderful spectacle and certainly matched the “theme” of the day as they moved into the science laboratory.

After watching a demonstration of a large volume of liquid completely change colour after the addition of one clear drop of another liquid, a discussion opened on the difference between science and magic.

It was then the pre-schoolers’ turn to participate. The “students” stacked three different coloured liquids on top of each other to make “traffic lights”.

After the activity the group enjoyed some time outside and then the Zooper Doopers were eagerly accepted, which initiated a final discussion about colour.

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