Sharing experiences across a distance

Year 2 students from St Francis Xavier’s Primary School, Belmont have been busy forming new friendships with pen pal friends from Mildura West Primary School in Victoria.

Organised by Australian Post Pen Pal Club, the first letters from Mildura West started arriving in Week 3 of Term 4.

All the students were very excited to receive their own letter and learn more about their new pen pal and where they live. One student said she is looking forward to writing letters and finds opening the return letters “very exciting, as you don’t know what has been sent in the envelope”. 

After reading the letters and looking over the items sent to them, one student, Aria said: “I feel like this would be a lovely person to talk to as they sound really nice.” Ziggy is looking forward to learning more about Victoria and the area where his pen pal lives.  

It will be great practice for Year 2 to write letters to our Mildura pen pals and exchange information.  

As a class, we have looked at Mildura on a map and Google Earth and asked our pen pals about living in rural areas and dealing with the drought.

It is a great experience to connect with a class in an area so different to our own.  

We recently completed the letters to send back to the Year 2 class in Mildura and have included surprises for our pen pals. 

To find out more about SFX Belmont, click on their website here.

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