Battle of the Bottles at St Benedict’s Edgeworth

In 2018, a parent from St Benedict's Primary School, Edgeworth, Mandie Cotton-Young, went to the school’s Parent and Friends Association (P&F) with an idea – one that would not only help raise money for the school but also help teach the students about the importance of recycling.

That idea became known as the ‘Battle of the Bottles’, where primary and infants students would face off against one another to see which group could bring in the most bottles and cans to recycle and raise the most money.

Each week during Term 2, students and parents brought in bags of bottles and cans for recycling and would watch as the two large thermometer scales at the front of school slowly rose as they tracked the amounts brought in. Cans and bottles were also collected from the local bowling club on a weekly basis.

Local businesses also got on board, putting donations towards the initiative and donating six bins used for collection and St Benedict’s were added to the donation list at the ‘Return and Earn’ centre where members of the public could donate their recycling vouchers.

That year the school managed to raise $1711.50, also taking into account cash donations, and recycling more than 12,000 cans and bottles.

The winners that year were the infants students, who were rewarded with a movie afternoon complete with popcorn and slushies in the school hall. 

This year, the school brought the initiative back during Terms 2 and 3.

Local businesses got on board once again to help with the cause, including Earthmoving Wearparts & Attachments, Lake Mac Lawn & Property Maintenance, Fairyland Preschool and local mortgage broker, Loren Johnson.

The school managed to raise $1185.10, taking into account cash donations and recycled more than 9,000 cans and bottles recycled, with the infants coming out on top once again with the highest amount raised.

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