Wellbeing Week at Holy Name Forster

Week 6 of each term at Holy Name Primary School, Forster marks Wellbeing Week – a time for the school community to learn more about the impact of lifestyle and healthy relationships on wellbeing.

Students initially celebrate it as a week without homework, however staff see it as an opportunity to focus on the wellbeing and mental health of the entire school community and to take the time to be mindful, active and grateful.

The week began with an early morning ‘Educators Mindfulness’ meditation session before the students arrived.

The Holy Name Mini Vinnies team served a breakfast of hot Milo and toast to students before settling into the usual Monday morning rhythm.

During the week, the school’s librarian played relaxing music in the Learning Hub and stationed art tables with mindfulness colouring-in for students during lunch breaks.

Mrs Kristie Banham, the school’s Artist-in- Residence, helped the Art Club create a beautiful ‘Kindness’ photo space on the primary playground, which provided a background for many family photos during the school’s Father’s Day breakfast.

The school’s Pastoral Care Worker, Mrs Nicholls and the Mini Vinnies team surprised the whole school on Thursday with flash mobs on the playground. Three senior students also led a lunchtime yoga class, which is set to become part of Holy Name’s weekly alternate play options.

Wellbeing Week is also an opportunity for the school to share information with the parent community about wellbeing and mental health through the platform of our Facebook page.

Parents are reminded of the many support services that exist in the school community, including monthly visits from a Parenting Educator from CatholicCare, and are encouraged to reach out during difficult times.

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