St John Vianney Science Fair

The annual Science Fair at St John Vianney Primary School, Morisset kicked off on Monday with students bright-eyed and enthusiastic about getting a hands-on approach to Science.

Various STEM challenges and experiments were assigned to classes and Year 6 students sensibly assisted teachers to ensure everything ran safely and smoothly. Students grinned, squealed and jumped with delight at some of the results from their experiments.

Challenges included:

  • Canister Rocket which was spectacular for both the eyes and ears. The film canister had ingredients added, lids replaced firmly, then shaken vigorously and placed, lid down, a safe distance away. Varying moments of anticipation passed as each scientist waited for a loud pop and then their eyes went to the sky searching for the projected container
  • Paper plane competition judging “distance travelled” and “time in the air”, separately. There was an opportunity to travel to Sydney University to compete in the State Paper Plane Competition if a certain distance was exceeded
  • Strong Bridges constructed using foil
  • Wind Powered Boats - constructed by students and tested in tubs of water and straws for students to propel the boats
  • Engineering Pringles – a tasty challenge to build a structure using the thin slices of cooked potato
  • String Lifter – a great team coordination and cooperation activity. Lifting a tennis ball together initially and then balancing the tennis ball on an upturned cup and attempting to lift that
  • Zip Line Challenge - cargoes of marbles or other are loaded into cups and attempted to transport via student a constructed ziplines without falling out of their enclosure
  • Fall from the Sky - boiled eggs had a parachute fashioned to land them safely without their shell breaking
  • Pyramid of Cups and more.

The objective of the day was achieved as students jaws dropped, mouths were agape and imaginations stretched whilst creativity and problem-solving skills were tested.

Conversations about favourite activities continued in the school yard the following day.

St John Vianney Primary School is already looking forward to our next Science Week in 2020.

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