Play is the way for new Kindergartens at St Patrick’s Cessnock

St Patrick's Primary School, Cessnock welcomed 40 new Kindergarten students this week.

The students were all very excited about starting school and brought with them their smiles and enthusiasm for learning.

We are also very excited about being a pilot school for the new program Successful Foundations. Through this program we, as teachers, are able to adopt a strength-based approach to support student’s active engagement in play which provides us with vital and valuable information about the new students in our care.

Through the use of provocations, and in conjunction with the CSO Early Learning Policy, we are challenging and changing the way we see our students as learners. We also value the importance of the role our new cohort of parents in being vital co-contributors in their child's educational journey.

Myself and and Miss Heidi Wheeler are extremely excited about the implementation of the Successful Foundations program and the results of returning to the importance of play-based learning in the early years.

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