Recycling at St Patrick’s Cessnock

St Patrick’s Primary School, Cessnock, has been added as a donor recipient to the local Reverse Vending Machine.

This means that anyone who returns any eligible empty drink containers to the machine for a 10 cent refund can now opt to donate all or part of the proceeds to the school.

The recent news has seen staff and students from St Patrick’s jump into action, collecting as many eligible drink containers as they can find.

The benefits of this new develop are three-fold, with students from St Patrick’s learning more about the benefits of recycling such as less waste being put into local landfill and the fact that funds from recycling will be for the primary school.

“The Year 5 Environmental Committee Members have been wonderful, as they collect empty containers at the conclusion of lunch and recess,” said Teacher Librarian at St Patrick's, Michael McKenzie.

 “A big thank you also goes to the staff who bring in their empty containers from home to donate.”

The school is looking to utilise this positive scheme for the benefit of their students, with plans underway to engage Year 6 students in container collecting to help raise money for their end of year activities.

“If every Year 6 student brought one empty container each day to school, this would raise $25 per week,” said Michael.

If any school is interested in becoming a donor recipient on their local reverse vending machine, go to for information.

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