Branxton and Charlestown get their colour on

Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton and St Joseph’s Primary School, Charlestown held colour runs last term to raise money for their schools.

Rosary Park Catholic School Branxton

The sky above Rosary Park was painted with all the colours of the rainbow as the Year 6 class of Rosary Park Catholic School held its Colour Run event at the end of last term. The run was held to raise money for the Year 6 end of year gift to the school.

Kindergarten began the fun run by completing the course with their Year 6 buddies while the rest of the school soon followed.

Parents and Year 6 students were placed around the course at key stations to throw colour at the runners as they passed. Parents filled the school grounds eager to observe the excitement enjoyed by all involved.

“It was such a fun day, the colour made everyone happy,” said Year 6 student, Isabelle Jordan.

The participants ran until all students and many teachers were covered from head to toe in vibrant colours.

The day was a huge success and the school raised around $5,000. Thank you to all of those who participated and helped fundraise for our school.


St Joseph’s Primary School Charlestown

Students, families and staff of St Joseph’s Charlestown participated in a much-anticipated Colour Run on 27 September to raise funds to renovate the school playground.

It was a warm sunny day and the students were eager to get their colour on.

An obstacle course, attendance by the local fire brigade and dance music all contributed to a fun atmosphere and a memorable event.

Together the school and community members raised around $9,000 which will be used to build a new infants oval and play area.

It was a wonderful day that will be remembered for the enthusiasm, community spirit and generosity shown by so many.

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