A 21st century religious education at All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus

Religious Studies at All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus, focuses on the place of religion in a multi-faith, modern world.

As a Dominican school, the student experience at St Mary’s Campus is steeped in the four Dominican pillars of prayer, community, study and preaching, providing  with a holistic education.

Religious Education at St Mary’s Campus teaches students how to show compassion and the values of being a good person, helping them to grow in all aspects of their lives.  It allows students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith and appreciate how to live out the Gospel message.

Outside  their studies, students experience the life and love of Jesus though their daily interactions within the school.

Understanding faith in today’s society

Giving attention to the knowledge and understanding of the Gospels, the traditions and the place of the Catholic Church, Religious Studies at St Mary’s Campus enables students to know how to live a life grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Religious Studies curriculum also enables students to understand their place and the place of religion within a modern Australian society.

With a Religious Studies Co-ordinator who provides educational leadership and supports innovation and strategies to improve student outcomes, the school’s faith-filled education permeates the curriculum and student interactions with their peers.

Religion outside the classroom

Students in Years 11 and 12 undertaking Studies of Religion I and II have the opportunity to participate in a number of excursions directly linked to syllabus outcomes.

Visiting churches, synagogues and mosques, these excursions give students the chance to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The college also invites guest speakers to the campus throughout the year to talk to students about Christianity, Judaism and Aboriginal Spirituality.