St Dominic’s is empowering students with its specialised support

The specialised staff and purpose-built environment at St Dominic’s Centre, Mayfield, provides unique and individualised support to ensure students have full participation in the school routine.

Staff at St Dominic’s work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team, along with parents and external therapists, to ensure students are given the opportunity to reach their full academic potential and to prepare them for their future endeavours.

The purpose-built school environment empowers students to achieve success and develop their communication, literacy, numeracy, social, emotional, sensory, fine and gross motor skills.

With inclusive group speech therapy utilised within the classroom and in outdoor settings, students are assisted in reaching their goals across the curriculum in English, Maths, Science, Art, Religion, HSIE and PDHPE.

Students who require further support in expressive language are encouraged to use their low and high tech communication systems throughout the school day, whether they are in the classroom, the St Dominic’s garden, the playground or in the community.

This total communication approach helps to ensure that every student has a voice and is given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of school life.

Occupational Therapist

St Dominic’s has an Occupational Therapist who recognises and supports the continually changing needs and different learning styles of students.

Working collaboratively with staff, the occupational therapist ensures the classroom environment is optimal for student learning through the use of play, writing aids, seating and equipment, sensory supports and physical exercises.

Sensory and movement breaks, emotional regulation, handwriting skill development and personal care are also incorporated into the school day to assist students in their learning.

Psychologist support

The St Dominic’s Psychologist helps students achieve academic success by supporting their psychological health, social and emotional well-being.

The psychologist provides students with advice in relation to school-based programs, classroom management, resources and other issues relating to student wellbeing and learning needs.

The psychologist also provides support and advice to parents.

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