St Clare's engage with C.L.A.R.E framework

During Catholic Schools Week, Year 11 students from St Clare’s High School, Taree, held a reflection day at Blackhead Surf Life Saving Club where they explored the many dimensions of the Positive Education Framework, ‘CLARE’.

The CLARE framework enables students and staff to enhance their wellbeing through the development of a positive attitude, positive emotions, positive relationships and a sense of purpose about self, school and life.

Each letter of the CLARE framework represents five key domains: Connect, Learn, Aspire, Respect and Engage with each depicting a symbolic meaning and purpose.

CONNECT: with your faith, with tradition and with community.

LEARN:  to be positive, think creatively and to be reflective.

ASPIRE: to be the best you can be, to be an authentic person, to have a sense of purpose.

RESPECT: for others, the environment and for diversity.

ENGAGE: in your learning, in life’s conversations, in positive relationships.

To effect change and impact on the individual, the CLARE framework will become embedded into all aspects of school life: spiritual, academic, pastoral and the co-curricular life of the school.

In 2018, the first year of its existence, the CLARE framework has been implemented in a number of ways.

Each week the students participate in two lessons on the framework and each year group is assigned a particular ‘letter’ to focus on. During school assemblies, student leaders present information and activities which are related to their particular ‘letter’ and how they are implementing it during lessons.

The focus letter for Year 11 is ‘E – Engage’ which allows students to engage with God, faith community, their beliefs and spirituality. To engage with life, understand their goals and dream, their relationships and decisions; to engage with school, as leaders, students and as a participant; to engage with the community by servicing and volunteering; and to engage with the academic, emotional, physical world around them.

Overall, the reflection day was an opportunity for students to engage with God, their beliefs and their community and to develop a sense of balance between school and personal life.

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