New study finds Catholic school students are more likely to find a job

A recent study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that graduates of Catholic schools are more likely to be employed five-years after graduation.

The study looked at 514,000 Year 11 and Year 12 students from Catholic, public and private systems in 2011 - and followed their career trajectory until 2016 and found that most Catholic school students were gainfully employed.

Of the 514,000 young people included in the study, almost half were involved in post-secondary study, and one out of every three students were working and studying.

The study found that 76.7% of students who attended a Catholic high school were employed, while 71.9% of students who attended a non-Catholic private school were in the workforce. The study found that 68.5% of public school students were working five years after graduation.

Analysing the data, the results of the study showed that students who attended a Catholic school represent the highest percentage of individuals who are studying and working at the same time, while students who graduate from a publicly-funded school make up the largest percentage of individuals who are employed and have not undertaken any post-secondary qualifications.

While the study shows that a Catholic education sets graduates up for a brighter future, the case can also be made that being educated in the Catholic system imbues young people with gumption and stick-to-it-iveness.

Evidence of this stick-to-it nature of Catholic schools graduates can be seen in Catholic school alumni like Kailani Craine, a graduate of St Francis Xavier’s College in Hamilton who recently competed in her first Olympics Games; Mark Hughes, a graduate of All Saints College, St Peter’s Campus who played for the Newcastle Knights and who overcome cancer to raise millions of dollars for brain cancer research; and former SFX student, Ben Simmons, who has gone on to play for the NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

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