Arriving at St Columban’s Primary School, Mayfield, there were tears, trepidation and nervous excitement − and that was just from the parents! The 18 new Kindergarten students took it all in their stride, enjoying the beginning of their school lives.

The Kindergarten students were supported by their Year 6 buddies who helped smooth the transition process of starting ‘big school’. As senior students of the school, they demonstrated a great deal of maturity and responsibility.  

The students began their school day with colourful drawings and were later treated to the classic story by children’s author, Eric Hill, ‘Spot the Dog’.

The Kindergarten students are well catered for at St Columban’s being provided a wealth of resources to aid in their development throughout their schooling journey.

St Columban’s is part of the Diocesan pilot as a Gifted Education Lead school (GEL) with teachers at the school receiving training in identifying and assisting children who are high potential learners.

The school will soon have a designated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) room that will expose the students at St Columban’s to technologies of the future, such as robotics, and develop their learning skills with hands on collaborative problem solving.

Also this year, students will have a specialist teacher in drama lessons and the opportunity to participate in school choir.

As a Sporting Schools program participant, St Columban’s ensures children are exposed to professional coaching in a range of sports, beginning with gymnastics for the infant’s students in Term 1.

It all may start with colouring-in, but St Columban’s is well prepared to deliver the best in learning opportunities for their students moving into the future.