Young leadership - a priority of Manning students

Year 5 students from the Catholic manning region primary schools have recently embarked on training in anticipation for leadership roles in 2018.

Students from Holy Name Primary School, Forster, St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree and St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham have had two opportunities to learn about and practice leadership skills by attending the Great Aussie Bush Camp and participating in the Young Leaders Day.

The Great Aussie Bush Camp was a great opportunity for Holy Name students to join as a year group and develop leadership qualities whilst having fun with their peers.

The students learnt about communication, teamwork and patience in activities such as raft building and a military style obstacle course. They challenged themselves and stepped out of their comfort zone completing a dual flying fox and high ropes.

The night activities included a county fair where students organised and managed stalls and games. This was followed by participating in the Young Leadership Days led by Mark Spencer.

Students from Holy Name joined with other Year 5 students from St Joseph’s, Taree and St Joseph’s, Wingham for the day.

Mr Spencer, Mr Fuller and Sam led workshops on how they serve others in the school community, qualities of world leaders and Jesus as a leader.

A focus of the day was learning that Catholic life leadership is based on prayer, service and relationships and the day concluded with the students designing a leader and their own motto.

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