St Francis Xavier's raise money for a valuable cause

Earlier this month, hospitality students from St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton, were given the opportunity to combine their skills with the organisers of the Bald and Beautiful Foundation to raise money for their organisation. Bald and Beautiful is an initiative that raises funds for cancer sufferers.

Established 13 years ago, the foundation has supported over 120 cancer patients through providing pampering and entertainment for the patients along with their carers.

This is achieved through raising funds and the donation of time and services by local businesses and organisations, such as beauty students from Maitland TAFE who take the time to provide mini facials and eyelash tints.

On Wednesday, Bald and Beautiful event co-ordinator, Libby Cornish, continued the philosophy of helping students gain experience by holding the fundraising event at St Francis Xavier’s College.

As a part of their competencies for Certificate II in Hospitality, students are required to produce a high tea. The Bald and Beautiful organisation gave SFX students the perfect opportunity to demonstrate this competency while helping out a very inspiring group of ladies.

The event was a great success as the students were able to gain both front and back of house experience to achieve their competency. From serving delicious cocktail sandwiches to savoury mini quiches and sweet meringues with passionfruit cream, students were in their element.

The feeling of pride and satisfaction was evident on the students’ faces as they worked diligently for this valuable cause. 

Customer satisfaction was high as the students filled and refilled glasses, cups and plates to overwhelming compliments and mutual delight.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Bald and Beautiful – already selecting dates for a bigger and better event in 2018.

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