St Catherine’s celebrates health and wellbeing

Last week, St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton, celebrated “Wellbeing Week”, focusing on the wellbeing of both students and teachers as well as highlighting the importance of wellbeing within the College and wider community.

The week kicked off with fresh fruit provided to students as they arrived to school on Monday morning all thanks to Singleton Woolworths.

The students and staff spent the week enjoying ‘crazy’ dress ups, wearing ‘crazy’ socks, hats and scarves, providing many opportunities for fun and exciting personalities to shine as bright as the ‘crazy’ accessories that adorned them. 

Students enjoyed their favourite tunes as music filled the playgrounds during lunch breaks. Wednesday even included a live performance from some enthusiastic teachers who donned their performing personalities and entertained students and other staff members alike with some hits from the past and present.

On the Wednesday, Wellbeing Day, the pinnacle of the week, saw a rare opportunity where lunch breaks were aligned to allow secondary and primary students to enjoy a sausage sizzle lunch together.

The day also included wellbeing workshops that focused on reducing stress both at school and at home, followed by a 'tools down' afternoon allowing students and teachers to reflect on the value of wellbeing.

The students also wore mufti clothes and made a gold coin donation, with all money raised going to a teacher in need at Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton.

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