Recognition of Graduation Ceremony – Theology Degrees

On Thursday 27 July, graduates and their families gathered at the Toohey Room, Cathedral House, to receive their Certificates in Religious Education, Certificates in Theology or Master of Theology for semester one 2017.

Graduates were joined by special guests, Bishop Bill Wright DD, Director of Schools, Dr Michael Slattery and Professor Anthony Maher from BBI, The Australian Institute of Theological Education.

Professor Maher addressed the graduates, sharing an analogy of the study of theology “finding a problem in the stream time and time again” but learning to address it in “the river upstream” to find the source of the problem rather than concentrating on a solution.

Bishop Bill shared his experience of theology and his thoughts on what studying theology should mean for the graduates. He shared his joy of having spent the morning opening a new Kindergarten classroom in Wingham, with students “at the beginning of their educational journey” and now the evening with those completing higher studies.

Dr Slattery congratulated the graduates on their commitment to their faith and studies, acknowledging the time and effort from both the graduates and their families to complete the study.

Dr Slattery encouraged the graduates to “Engage in the conversations that need to be had in our Church. Speak the truth in love in your homes, schools and parishes.

“Continue to read what the Pope and the credible theologians are writing and saying. Evangelise and lead others around you.”

The BBI graduates for 2017 include:

Scott Donohue                Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Joanna Godden               Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Anna Hughes                  Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Suzanne Jordan              Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Nicole Ryan                    Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Rachel Wells                   Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Wayne Caruana              Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Paul Dart                       Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Sarah Ryman                 Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

Zoltan Vincze                 Graduate Certificate in Religious Education


Michelle Collins                Master of Theology

Fiona Duque                    Master of Theology

Stephanie King                Master of Theology

Rhiannon Temesvary        Master of Theology

Benjamin Lott                  Master of Theology

Elisa Milajew                   Master of Theology

Erin O’Dwyer                   Master of Theology

Alana Partridge                Master of Theology

Amanda Pomplun             Master of Theology

Elizabeth Quinlan             Master of Theology

Prue Tinsey                     Master of Theology          

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