A MADD day of fun for St Patrick’s students

On Friday 7 March, students from St Patrick’s Primary School, Wallsend came dressed in crazy pink wigs, superhero costumes and wild hairdos to celebrate MADD Day.

Representing the four components of the creative arts syllabus, MADD Day is a combination of Music, Art, Drama and Dance.

From creating origami, posing as animal statues and experimenting with Garage Band on the iPad, students were overwhelmed with excitement for a jam-packed day of 24 workshops. Each workshop was run by five special guest presenters and teachers.

Students were organised into their colours houses and divided into infants and primary groups, rotating between 3 one-hour sessions throughout the day. All students were encouraged to gain points for their colour house by showing respect for others, encouraging participation and demonstrating safe behaviour.

Drama workshops were run by ASPIRE Artistic Director, Anna Kerrigan and Wayne Rogers who hosted a number of fun games and activities. While students were instructed to choose a creature, animal or object of their choice and hold the position to create a scene in the environment, others were showing off their moves dancing to music. Students were encouraged to show multiple moods and learnt how to improvise.

CSO Education Officer, Lisa Little, presented a number of art workshops where students were able to express their creative talents through paint, sculpture and print. To begin the session, students used a mixture of primary colours to form secondary colours, where they layered canvasses with organic outlines, using various techniques such as stamping and spray painting.

Lisa’s second workshop involved students manipulating a photocopy of a famous person where they cut out various parts of the face to substitute with magazine features to create a collage. Students also experienced the art of lino print, where they designed a print using lines and shapes to print onto paper.

The arts and craft were abuzz where students learnt how to make origami, draw caricatures and construct newspaper sculptures.

Dance workshops were run by Sam Darwen who taught students the importance of expressing themselves through movement. The activity involved warm up and mirroring where students listened to ‘Better When I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor and were encouraged to come up with their own dance moves which were then sequenced into a dance routine.

The musical talents of students were brought to life by Michael Nolan who conducted a music workshop for both infants and primary. Through the use of tone, pitch, beat and musical note games, students were thoroughly engaged and responsive throughout the session.

Students also enjoyed experimenting with a variety of smart instruments on Garage Band, where they applied percussion and background sounds to songs of their choice.

Towards the end of the day, students, parents and staff gathered together for a school assembly where students showcased their creative art work, as well as performed a dance routine and drama scenario.

Everyone was amazed at the scope and the variety of activities the students had participated in. Staff and presenters complimented the students on their exemplary behaviour and enthusiastic participation throughout the day.

It was a wonderful experience for the entire school community and the enthusiastic participation was a standout. We would like to extend a huge thank you to our special guest presenters who have supported our staff to enrich the creative arts programs throughout the rest of the year.

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