A healthy mindset for the HSC

Late last month, Year 12 student from St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton, Caleb Faragher, was awarded Star Of The Month by Taylors Beach Top Coach personal training.

Since commencing Year 12, Caleb has been determined to enter the HSC with a healthy body and a healthy mind. With the intention to improve his fitness levels and lose weight, Caleb joined Top Coach to make this change.

Focused on his studies in English, Religion, Modern History, IPT and Multimedia, Caleb is also dedicated to his personal training sessions with Top Coach three times a week.

“I started Top Coach in Year 11 because I saw the difference it was making for my mum’s fitness. Seeing this, I was persuaded to do the same and I knew I needed to bring a routine of fitness into my life.

“I have always been heavily involved in sport but I wanted to try something new.

“Top coach offers a great variety of personal training group sessions, where we do activities in the studio and outside around the Bay. I do exercises such as, weights, boxing, cardio, core, HITT sessions, sprints, agility, sand dune running, climbing Tomaree and Gan Gan.

Caleb’s support network of family and friends have continued to motivate and encourage him throughout this journey.

“The people I train with are all shapes and fitness levels. We are all passionate and committed to our health and determined to keep trying each day.”

Caleb’s daily routine begins with a 6am wakeup, travelling from Salamander Bay to Newcastle for school, where he then attends afternoon fitness classes with his mum at Top Coach.

The most beneficial reward for joining Top Coach has been a significant improvement in his fitness levels, where he has lost weight and gained core strength. It has also enabled Caleb to deal with the stress of the HSC.

At the completion of his studies, Caleb intends to have a Gap Year in the USA as an Au Pair where he will later find himself studying a degree in History, International relations and Political Science at ANU in Canberra. 

Photographs republished courtesy of Top Coach Facebook page and website.

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