St Joseph’s student raises $700 for the World’s Greatest Shave

On Saturday 18 March, Year 8 student, Hannah Gee from St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen, participated in the World’s Greatest Shave.

With a brave heart and determined mind, Hannah did her part to help beat blood cancer. A crowd of support from family and friends joined Hannah at Highbrook Park as she had her head shaved for the cause.

“My experience of unexpected losses has encouraged me to spread awareness of illnesses so people can understand what many Australians have to go through daily,” said Hannah.

With the desire to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation, Hannah has received tremendous support from the community who have generously donated to the cause.

Her initial goal of $250 was soon raised to $500, as donations came pouring in. Since then, Hannah has raised an impressive $700 for families in need.

“To take part in the World's Greatest Shave, I can wholeheartedly say that someone, somewhere out there will benefit from what I have done.

“I have never had cancer personally, but I do understand that it is a part of you, not who you are and that is something I wanted to share with my peers,” Hannah said.

School Principal, Robert Holstein, explains, “The World’s Greatest Shave is a wonderful initiative and St Joseph’s is immensely proud to have a student participating in.

“At its heart, it is about actively showing empathy for the experiences and struggles of others and Hannah has done exactly that. She has become a wonderful ambassador for Catholic Schools in Australia.”

Hannah feels enlightened and privileged to be able to make a difference.

“Without the help of everyone around me in the community, I would have never been able to go through with such a drastic change of appearance.

“My school is a place where one bald girl can be supported by peers and teachers as if they were family, because in a way, we are. A big family that builds foundations, grows and turns one bald girl into a way to spread our love across the land down under. My school is a place where we ‘HAVE A GO’,” said Hannah.

Hannah is accepting donations until the end of April, click here to help her great cause.

Photography by Pam Bernauer.

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