St Paul’s hosts special guests from St Jude’s

Today the students of St Paul’s High School, Booragul played host to Gemma Sisia and Winrose Morell from The School of St Jude in Tanzania.

Gemma, the founder of The School of St Jude and Winrose, one of the school’s recent graduates, spoke to the staff and students of St Paul’s at a special school assembly.

The presentation was incredibly inspiring and motivational as the guests shared their story and vision for the future of St Jude’s. Showing photos and videos of the history of the school to explaining the impact the school has had on the community, Gemma and Winrose expressed their passion for fighting poverty through education.

Gemma demonstrated the incredible impact that one person can have when they see a need and decide to do something about it by sharing with students how she established The School of St Jude in Tanzania. What inspired her to do so was an eye opening experience for everyone. Gemma explained to the students what her plans were for St Jude’s before the school was built in 2002, which now provides free high quality education for over 1800 students. High quality education is not an option for most Tanzanian children and it is with great passion and commitment that Gemma continues to change this pattern.

Winrose spoke in English, her fourth language, of her determination and passion for education that has led her to gaining a university scholarship in America. Winrose shared with the students the harsh realities of education in Tanzania prior to becoming a student of St Jude’s and spoke about how this experience has changed her life.

Sophie Scanlon, one of St Paul’s school captains, and her family visited The School of St Jude last year. “I do not think that I can put into words the incredible energy and feel within the walls of the school. It is a place of happiness, joy, colour and of course education”, said Sophie.

Inspired by their visit to Tanzania, Sophie and her family have organised fundraising events to coincide with Gemma and Winrose’s visit. Tomorrow students and staff will be donating money to the school during special fundraising meetings.

“As a Catholic school we try to demonstrate God’s love through giving to others without asking for anything in return. Sometimes, however, we do see the results. Today was a great opportunity to see how each of us can help others to live life to the full. This is what our school patron Saint Paul meant when he said 'to live is Christ'.

"Many of the students today were inspired by the incredible example and achievements of Gemma Sisia and Winrose Morell”, said Ministry Coordinator, Michael Doyle.

If you would like to know more about The School of St Jude or are interested in donating, please click here.

Photography by Michael Doyle.

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