Upper Hunter Leaders Day

Over 80 students from five schools across the Upper Hunter gathered at St Mary's Primary School, Scone, to in an Upper Hunter young leader’s day on Thursday 2 March. 

The day was facilitated by the RE & Spirituality department of the Catholic Schools Office and Family Ministry Coordinators team.

Students spent the day mixing with other students from across the region learning about the importance of effective leadership. 

Students completed activities which involved group collaboration to identify different types of leaders, how they serve the community, leadership qualities and what they think is important about teamwork and leadership.

Throughout the day there were opportunities to enjoy each other’s company with a competitive touch football match involving some of the day’s facilitators over recess.

Icebreaker games and a walk through the activity ' Journey of life', where the group used their teamwork skills to guide selected students through an unknown path. 

The students listened intently to a presentation from Brian Lacey, Head of Religious Education & Spirituality Service, Catholic Schools Office, on Pope Francis and his leadership.

CSO Education Officer, Mark Spencer, said "The program was designed in the light of our vision statement: At the Heart of Everything there is Always Jesus Christ. Jesus is the true example of leadership."

"The characteristics of his leadership can be summarised as: prayer (discernment), service (compassion, justice, respect, courage, hospitality, justice), relationship (trinity).

"Further to this term 4 YLD program will be targeted on the Year 5 Cohorts in all our schools using the Making Jesus Real Program to enhance Catholic Leadership."

Students left the day with their challenge of heading back to school to work with their class and teacher to design an ideal leader and live out what they had learnt during the day.

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