Students feel globally called

On Tuesday, 22 March, Year 8 students from San Clemente High School, Mayfield, became ambassadors for Caritas in the project known as Globally Called.

In its second year, the project provides an opportunity for students to undertake a cross-curricular initiative and link the units of Called to Act Justly (Religious Studies) and Global Change (Geography) to demonstrate being active Catholic citizens during the time of Lent to the public. 

Over 200 people spent time listening to the 24 Globally Called teams, made up of 120 Year 8 students, by visiting stalls, and were educated about the differences in living conditions in the various communities Caritas is supporting in 2016.

They learned how Caritas is responding to the needs and why it is important, as a Catholic community, to support these activities. 

Students spoke with knowledge, passion and enthusiasm and should be congratulated for being outstanding ambassadors for Caritas. 

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