Crazy hair day - coins for Cambodia

On Friday, 18 March, the community of St Joseph's Primary School, Denman, threw normality out the window to participate in Crazy Hair Day. This completes the 'crazy' trilogy of shoe, hat and now hair day!

Students and teachers alike went crazy with their hair to raise funds for St Joseph's Religious Education Co-Ordinator, Mrs Michelle Lovegrove to take to Cambodia. Even Principal Mr Aaron Moon got in on the act.

Michelle will be travelling to Cambodia along with 14 other teachers at the end of March. These teachers are committed to making the lives of Cambodian students and their families better.

All money raised from the day will help buy bikes for students and build latrines for families, along with other items in need. 

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Aaron Moon Image
Aaron Moon

Aaron Moon is the Principal of St James' Primary School, Muswellbrook.