Opening Catholic Schools Week at St Patrick's Swansea

On Monday 7 March, the community of St Patrick’s Swansea opened Catholic Schools Week with a liturgy in our sacred space. 

This was a wonderful opportunity for our students, parents and staff to acknowledge the pioneers of Catholic education in Australia and to celebrate the wonderful teaching and learning that takes place each day in every classroom.

Our special guests – Tammy Wright, Rebecca Leahy and Dan Leahy – led a smoking ceremony, an ancient custom among many indigenous Australians that involves burning various native plants to produce smoke, which is believed to have cleansing properties.

At the end of the liturgy, the teachers prayed a blessing on all of the students: “May the God of community walk with you and beside you. May God continue to bless our efforts to grow into a strong and vibrant community. And may God bless you now and forever.”

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