Early Career Teachers Induction Day

On Tuesday, 9 February, the new permanent teachers of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle gathered at the Catholic Schools Office for an official welcome into the school system.

Director of Schools, Ray Collins, set the tone of the day with an opening message to all teachers.

“Catholic education in this diocese has a long and distinguished history and I know that each of you will add a great deal to this story through the quality of your service to the students in your care and the expertise of your teaching," he said. 

The day is designed not only to induct new teachers into the Catholic schools teaching system, but also to emphasise on the important part teachers play in the religious education and spirituality of students in diocesan schools. 

St Joseph's High School, Aberdeen teacher James Douglass, expressed his excitement for the year ahead, particularly in terms of having his own class. 

"I'm excited to get to know them [new students] throughout the year and fully be a part of the school community,” he said.

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Alyssa Faith

Alyssa Faith was the Communications Manager for the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle from 2016 - 2017 and a regular contributor to Aurora and mnnews.today.