Gratitude is flowing at San Clemente

Thank you Thursday is celebrated once a fortnight at San Clemente High School, Mayfield, as gratitude for colleagues is communicated with a small note.

“Staff are taking the time to take notice of the little things, the small kindnesses that they observe every day,” said Positive Education Coordinator, Emma South.

Post-it notes cover the board in the lunchroom and every single ‘thank you’ is read aloud for all staff to hear at afternoon teas hosted by the executive.

“The expression of gratitude and recognition of small wonders are both very important elements of San Clemente’s positive education approach, a focus that is embedded across the school community,” said Mrs South.

“A community focused on character strengths, optimism, gratitude, growth mindset, wholeness, wellness and winning attitudes, our positive education approach builds on all of these areas of our school life and allows us to celebrate the great foundation of relationships that exists within the community.”

 We look forward to many more stories of gratitude flowing through our doors!

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