St Aloysius Fun Run

On September 14, the weather cleared and the students if St Aloysius Primary School, Chisholm, were able to spend a great National PDH day taking part in the school’s second Adidas School Fun Run.

For the first time at this event, students were able to compete in their newly named House teams (Chisholm, Corcoran, Ignatius and McAuley).

The day began with a fantastic dance warm up, led by teacher Larissa Quigley.

Then, while one house at a time sweated it out running around the school grounds, the other houses rotated through activities such as hurdles, basketball, tug o’ war, crab soccer, sack races, relays and parachute activities.

Every child who participated received house points, which will be totalled and contribute to the school’s House Spirit Shield, to be awarded for the first time at the end of the year.

Many parents and community members were present to help and cheer on the students. For a growing school in only its second year, days like today show what fabulous school spirit is already present at St Aloysius.

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