Mass for Mary

On Monday, 15 August, St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree, emptied the classrooms and filled Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, Taree, to celebrate the Assumption.

The Assumption remembers the life of Mary, mother of God, and her assumption into heaven, body and soul.

It is a beautiful time when we reflect on the life of Mary, and her obedience to God and willingness to give birth to God’s son, the saviour of the world, Jesus Christ.

It was a special occasion as the school and parish worked together to prepare the Mass. Musical highlights included student performances of ‘Ave Maria’ by Cassidy Donovan and ‘Let It Be’ by Conner Langley.

Students presented the parish with a painting of Mary by artist Ali Haigh and Class 5B (2015). The painting will hang in the church and serve as a reminder of the connection between the school and parish and the unity of their beliefs.

This painting represents the youth and innocence of Mary when she said ‘yes’ to God and her continued faith in him.  Mary is depicted as a beautiful young woman, who will forever beam light, hope, love and protection for all those who call out to her in need. 

This day was quite remarkable and we are all hoping there will be many more days like this.

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Natasha Brotherton Image
Natasha Brotherton

Natasha Brotherton is Diocesan Education Officer, Pastoral Ministries