Mini Olympics at St John’s Lambton

The children of St John’s Primary School, Lambton, celebrated the spirit of the Olympic Games this week by participating in St John’s Mini Olympic Games.

Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, believed that sport contributed to the harmonious and well-balanced development of the body, personality and mind.

The interaction between sport, education and culture was evident as the children of St John’s gathered together in the park to participate in a number of modified games in mixed age groups.

The games included archery, soccer, relay running, hockey, dodge ball and French cricket.

The games were organised & run by Year 6 students, with each group representing a different country. The children wore clothing in the colours of the Olympic Rings, donating a gold coin to MercyWorks for the privilege.

Gold, silver & bronze medals were presented at the conclusion of each activity for enthusiastic participation, joyful effort and good sportsmanship.

Many parent spectators came along, recognising the significant health, well-being and social benefits of regular physical activity and sport.

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