Rio in Raymond Terrace

On Thursday, 11 August, the Olympic village of St Brigid’s Primary School, Raymond Terrace, came alive for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Mini Olympics.

The ceremony opened with a prayer, message from the Pope and also included the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, built by the teachers of St Brigid’s.

Parents were invited to be spectators for the opening ceremony and after the parade of athletes (students) entered the arena, the students were split into teams and participated in a variety of events including bob sledding, archery, shot-put and equestrian.

A sausage sizzle lunch kept the athletes well fuelled for an afternoon of sporting-themed literacy and numeracy learning activities based around the Olympics.

“The students spent the afternoon in lessons exploring distances and times, media coverage of the Rio 2016 Games and the students’ own experiences of the mini Olympics,” said St Brigid’s Principal, David Palmer.