You’re welcome at the Affirmation Café!

The ASPIRE Senior Theatre Makers gave their final performance of 2018 with their production of Affirmation Café.

Now in its second year, the Senior Theatre Makers initiative provides students in Year 9 – 11 in the Diocese the opportunity to work together to create an original production. It also gives them a chance to develop their acting skills and to experiment with their voices and their physicality.

This year’s group of 19 students from Newcastle, Maitland the Upper Hunter held one exclusive performance of their piece Affirmation Café at the Civic Theatre Playhouse.

The Affirmation Café is a place where you can grab not only your daily coffee but also a spot of positivity. Café owner, Rufus Handy, invites patrons to add inspirational words to the wall which, hopefully, will inspire others. 

The performance is a story about optimism, love, remembering that the journey is just as important as the destination and that in this world of quirky characters and overly complicated coffee orders it pays to take a moment to pass on some kindness to others. 

“I am just so proud of these young theatre makers who put so much effort, creativity and warmth into the development and rehearsal of this piece,” said Anna Kerrigan, Artistic Director of ASPIRE.

“They created a truly beautiful work with engaging characters and a thought-provoking storyline. It’s such a pleasure to create theatre with such inspiring young people.

“I have to give a special mention to the all the work that went into the wall of affirmations – it was a huge undertaking and the cast got stuck into it with gusto.

“The effect it produced on stage certainly made it worthwhile though I imagine none of them want to see let alone write on a post it for some time!”

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