Everett's Story: Why I volunteer

Everett has been volunteering with DARA’s Van along with his wife Deb for several years now. He started out at the Van’s once-per-term stint at St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton before getting into fortnightly volunteering at DARA Raymond Terrace and public holidays at Islington Park.

“We like doing it to give something back to the community,” Everett said about what motivated him to first volunteer. “It gives [our patrons] a kick-start for the week. They can get some sandwiches and a hot meal, and just someone to talk to.”

Everett says he gets an inner sense of satisfaction from his work with DARA.

“It makes you appreciate what you’ve got and that there are a lot of people out there who need help.”

For those considering volunteering with DARA’s Van, Everett says “Do it. It’s a worthwhile experience. Come with an open mind. You get a whole lot of different people, some of which you may not have come across in your life, but when you meet them, they’re all very welcoming.”

DARA’s Van visits Islington Park every Saturday between 3:30-5:30PM to deliver a hot meal and a much-needed conversation to those in our community who have been disadvantaged because of their social, cultural or religious differences.

DARA is always looking for volunteers to help out across its various stops, as well as collecting food donations from around the community. If you think you might be able to help, visit DARA’s website, or call us at (02) 4979 1142

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Alexander Foster

Alexander Foster is the Digital Communications Officer in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle