Matt's Story: DARA's Van visits Nelson Bay

Matt and his family are regular patrons of DARA’s Monday service at All Saints Anglican Church Nelson Bay, where they are also members of the church community.

He and his wife are both currently studying as part of major career changes, which makes their weekly food budget extremely tight.

Matt and his family love coming to DARA for two main reasons: firstly because it’s one less meal they have to think about each week, and secondly because they appreciate the community aspects.

“We really enjoy sharing a meal with people from different walks. There’s no rich or poor. We’re all the same and sharing a meal,” Matt said of the service.

He said he appreciates what DARA and its volunteers do for the Nelson Bay community: “We believe in serving the community. That fellowship and that service [that DARA provides]; we’re certainly very grateful for it.”

Matt also loves that his children appreciate the experience. “You can see all the kids running around and playing with each other and having a great time,” he said.

DARA’s Van visits All Saints Anglican Church Nelson Bay every Monday from 6-8PM and invites all who could benefit from its service to come along.

Through this service, DARA identifies, reaches out and supports those in the community who are disadvantaged, marginalised, oppressed or isolated by cultural, ethnic or religious differences.

Matt believes services like DARA are essential in supporting people like his family through difficult times. “It’s a lovely thing, and we’re certainly very grateful for it,” he said.

DARA’s Van relies on both food and monetary donations to continue their support of those in need. If you are able to help, you can visit their website.

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